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Super Mario Bros: sprite meets plastic model kit.

Super Mario Bros: sprite meets plastic model kit.


The Bubble Bobble Series Blurb

I RECENTLY found these blurbs on an old hard drive. I’m fairly sure they’re from Taito originally, but I got them from the publishers of the home computer conversions.

The first was from Firebird around the time they’d signed the rights to convert Bubble Bobble to home computers. The second (I think) was also from Firebird, around the time they’d got the rights to convert Rainbow Islands to home computers, before MicroProse swallowed them up. The third I’d’ve been given by Ocean when they were converting Parasol Stars from PC Engine to home computers.

Chapter One: Bubble Bobble
Meet Bub and Bob our bantam-weight brontosaures who are bent on battling big bullies by blowing and bursting bubbles. Before battling these brazen bullies, beware that bubble blowing is better than blasting bullies with bazookas, or better than bouncing bombs from biplanes, and even beats boxing these brainless barbarians. So now that we briefly belayed the Bub and Bob biographies, begin by browsing the play instructions below and becoming the best Bubble Bobble bubble blower on the block.

Chapter Two: Rainbow Islands
Digest on the previous game, Bubble Bobble.
Bubble and Bobble, who were turned into ‘Bubble Dragons’ by a wizard, went into the cave of a witch seeking their sweethearts, Betty and Patty. After a long battle and finally getting ‘Super Drunk’, they could not believe their eyes when they saw their Mom and Dad.

'Dad! And Mom!…'

Big tears were coming out of Mom and Dad’s eyes. Bub and Bob were so happy after saving them, not only Patty and Betty, but also their Mom and Dad. All of a sudden, they were back to normal again.

'God, thank you…'

But they were not completely satisfied until they found the real enemy, who turned their parents into ‘Super Drunk’ and controlled their minds. There is a real enemy still hiding and waiting for Bob and Bub. They knew that sooner or later they had to face him.

Many years have passed. Bubby and Bobby grew up to be fine boys with power of ‘Magic Rainbows’ given by Mom and Dad. When they went back to their birthplace to search for treasures, they became involved in a mystery. They went to look for the real enemy, ‘Prince Of Darkness’. He has a large following who are in Bubby and Bobby’s way. The final day to face the Prince Of Darkness came. Why don’t you play the game to find out? The secrets are waiting to be discovered. There are many puzzles you can challenge! Who will be the real winner?

Chapter Three: Parasol Stars
After saving the villages of Rainbow Islands in their previous adventure, our two heroes, Bub and Bob, are enjoying a well-earned rest.

However their peace is shattered when the mad warrior Chaostikahn unleashes a flew of menacing monsters throughout the universe. With their magic parasols in hand (gifts from the grateful Rainbow Islands villagers), Bub and Bob must defeat the monsters and free the universe.


Bad List

TEN mundane things that mean so much more if you think ‘Breaking Bad’…

  • Bath
  • Cigarette
  • Cold Medicine
  • Fly
  • Laser Pointer
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Magnet
  • Pillow
  • Pizza
  • RV
  • Tortoise

Three concepts from 1993 that didn’t get any further than Amiga/PC Deluxe Paint

Handemonium's at the top. I can’t remember what the deal was here. I think the hands were controlled with keyboard/joystick and ran and jumped around like spiders; a button closed the hand, which’d be used to grab things. Not sure if the gloves were purely attire or conveyed some powers. There was also hand-to-hand combat (aha).

Next is My Pet People, a sadistic twist on Activision’s Little Computer People. The idea was to look after these little people in a simple town-like setting and generally be unpleasant towards them. The black creature is a ferocious rat-like animal. The line of people along the bottom are caricatures of friends and colleagues at the time (I think I was intending to use them instead). I can see Andrew Wright, Gary Whitta and Stuart Campbell but I can’t remember anyone else.

The untitled project at the bottom used the (now mouse-controlled) hands as a means of playing with the pet people. You could also use special objects like balls, strings, spray cans, matches, etc.



I’m not too sure where I’m going with this yet (and I know the colours are a little gaudy), but I guess I was feeling a little sad about Brandon a few weeks ago and I wanted to do something for him and something gamey made the most sense, so I started doodling a sprite in my classic chunky pixel style and was quite pleased by how ‘Brandon’ it felt given the resolution, but it also had a kinda, I dunno, Chuck Norris vibe and got me thinking about Datasoft’s Bruce Lee and that led to me adding a few actions like running, jumping crouching, punching, flying kick, crawling and so on, and then some things to fight, like a zombie, a mummy, a werewolf, a clown, the grim reaper and Michael Gove; then I though Brandon might find a lost dog who’d, like, become his sidekick and sense danger and smell out and dig up hidden stuff and fetch sticks and be guided around and… Yeah.

I’m not too sure where I’m going with this yet (and I know the colours are a little gaudy), but I guess I was feeling a little sad about Brandon a few weeks ago and I wanted to do something for him and something gamey made the most sense, so I started doodling a sprite in my classic chunky pixel style and was quite pleased by how ‘Brandon’ it felt given the resolution, but it also had a kinda, I dunno, Chuck Norris vibe and got me thinking about Datasoft’s Bruce Lee and that led to me adding a few actions like running, jumping crouching, punching, flying kick, crawling and so on, and then some things to fight, like a zombie, a mummy, a werewolf, a clown, the grim reaper and Michael Gove; then I though Brandon might find a lost dog who’d, like, become his sidekick and sense danger and smell out and dig up hidden stuff and fetch sticks and be guided around and… Yeah.


History in the Making

Arcade archeologists assemble! Download these rose-tinted simulations of 1970’s technology for FREE right now on Android and PC…

FROM the same vintage vault as the classic Juggle! comes not one but eight new digital gaming artefacts, recently uncovered and dusted up with a view to perpetuating false memory syndrome in retronauts.

Introducing the Gazmo IV Classiques: two early TV game systems that never were, each featuring four games never released in the early 1970s. Accurately simulated, warts and all, in glorious Monochromatique CRTVision, you can at last enjoy these new old games only now revealed in all their fictitious reality.

The Gazmo IV consoles. The switches and buttons used to select games and options all have a lovely, satisfying tactility to them. A distinctive CRT hum and buzz are heard when you engage the power switch.

My intention here was to stick closely to the representation and limitations of Pong and its ilk to create similar games that I don’t recall existing back in the day. They are meant to be ‘of their time’, which means simple and shallow, rough and tough; part of a fictitious console with appropriate options, so don’t expect any fancy-schmancy Achievements and Leaderboards either, oh no; those you have to track yourself.

These ‘alternate realities’ aren’t precision simulations - more affectionate retro-reconstructions. The games, for example, use arcade proportions rather than the more pertinent ‘home’ ones (most are uprights, which wasn’t so viable with the family TV). I added some screen curvature, scanlines (thanks, MAME), glows, trails, burn-in and a vertical hold effect for good measure, partly for feel but also to fill the otherwise empty space. (I did think about adding the burn-in to more accurately reflect usage, but decided that’d be too subtle.)

Two of the Gazmo games: Balldog and Dodger.

The Gazmo IV Classiques were made more with touchscreens in mind, specifically Android because it’s far more convenient than iOS. That said, there are also perfectly playable PC versions if you don’t have access to Android devices or the wherewithal or whatever to install APKs.

Here’s that link to the APKs and EXEs in case you skipped it earlier…

You can find out more about controls and options below, along with ‘behind the scenes’ deets.

A page from the Gazmo IV instruction manual outlines the available games.

This page from the Gazmo IV 2.0 instruction manual summarises its games.

Only two inputs are simulated: an analogue dial for movement and a digital button for serving and so on. I tried building them into the console but preferred the look of the central speaker, so instead I have a separate controller.

To use the consoles and play the games, use strokes and taps on the Android devices and, on PC, a mouse and its left-hand button.

The Gazmo IV controller.

As was the norm for these vintage consoles, option switches are in evidence.
  • SPEED affects the speed of the ball in each game.
  • BAT doubles the size of the small bat (from the default Pong arcade proportions).
  • BALL doubles the size of the small ball (from the default Pong arcade proportions).
  • MODE switches between two variations of each game.
Choose a game by pressing the relevant button at the bottom. Start a game by pressing the START button. BUT make sure the power’s on first!

To return to the console from play, tap anywhere at the top of the screen - well, in everything except Rally and Slalom on Android, which are slightly different because I tend to play with the tablet turned sideways and inadvertently touch that area to quit, so instead you need to swipe (either way along the length of the tablet) long enough to return to the console (there is a subtle colour warning in case you make a mistake and want to change your mind). I may yet change this to a ‘pinch back’ action throughout.

I found the best way to play is with friends and family, like we used to do around the telly all those years ago (only here taking turns to top each other’s scores rather than then competing head-to-head).

A Brief History of Revisionism
I first got the bug for making fake history back in the ‘90s. It was around the time I’d had enough of the overwhelming industry clamour for realism and bloat that started with the 16-bit machines and exploded with PC CD-ROM. I started to look back to basics to scratch my itches.

My combined disinterest and re-interest, suffused with a curiosity as to what make games tick, led to an obsession with minimalism. What was the simplest possible game? The smallest? The game with the fewest toys? The fewest rules? The least complex interface? And so on.

So I got busy and made up, like, a squillion different prototypes: one-button games; one-dimensional games; games using a single toy and no playscape; games using a single pixel… Some with more success than others. OK, few with more success…

There’s something so satisfying about working within such limitations. I had grand delusions of using reductionism to help identify the gaming equivalent of chords or mother sauces or basic ballet positions - practical repertoire rather than theory or rhetoric.

That led to the (still incomplete) Pong 101: a hundred-and-one distinctive variations of Pong (within reasonably appropriate constraints). The thinking here was to study the effects of (mostly) minor but always fundamental changes on a simple toy and rule set.

(I’m also intrigued by Ralph Baer’s ‘Chase Game’ or Fox and Hounds, but there only seems to be limited and conflicting information available.)

My self-imposed rules for making the Gazmo games include:
  • Keep game and product depth, structure and ceremonies to a bare minimum.
  • Screen proportions: 353 x 245 pixels (I think I got that from an old Pong simulator).
  • No object smaller than an 4 x 4 pixels. (But I ended up doubling everything.)
  • Everything rectangular.
  • Toy set comprises no more than bat, ball, brick and plausible equivalents.
  • Keep toy performances simple.
  • No gravity, cf: Atari’s Rebound (1974).
  • Counters capping at 15 and 255.
  • Simple audio synthesis. No music.
In the search for authentic jollies I got through over two-dozen different prototypes in the end, some of which I’m hoping to finish off for subsequent consoles. Racer, for example, has a nice feel to the speedy driving through busy traffic, while Pukka feels like it might have more to offer.

Racing with and against high-speed traffic in the Racer prototype.

Further consoles will also feature games for two, three and four players (some new; some versions of the established Gazmo games).

The Established Gazmo Games

Keep the ball alive in Rally Mode A.

With Rally I wanted to get the ball rolling with a basic Pong-alike and this variant in which you play with both bats seemed as good a place as any to start. This is one of only two of the games played in landscape, ie: with the television at its natural orientation.

To improve predictability and overall feel, the angles at which the ball rebounds from the bats are fixed, determined by where the ball hits along the length of the bat - and rebounding at a maximum angle of around 30 degrees (to the bat) because anything more shallow than that is annoying.

Balldog is a little like Frogger.

Balldog provides an obvious twist with the player toy, but I wasn’t so sure how exactly to control the ball. Change its angle? Change its speed? Its position? I like Ralph Baer’s English Button on his original tennis game, which seems to simply affect the height of the ball, so I’m doing something similar. Ish. Basically the ball is moved like a bat, only it regains its original direction when you stop moving it.

Keeping big balls at bay in Keeper.

Keeper is effectively a repeated pivotal Pong moment. There’s also a backstory that this game was originally built to assist the 1974 England World Cup squad with their training but they had second thoughts about using it - and, as history shows, failed to win. I like the focus of only three choices: don’t move or dive left or right - especially when I’m left feeling like an idiot for making a move when I should have made none. With practice you can end up feeling pretty cool using a tiny bat to deflect equally minuscule high-speed balls, particularly when the scoreline is tight.

Dodging balls from above in Dodger Mode A.

Dodging balls from above and below in Dodger Mode B.

Dodger is another obvious twist on the original Pong rules: avoid hitting ball for high score. This can get pretty manic and the audio effects end up sounding quite musical, almost like drumbeats. It’s loosely based on my old Crumble! game I did for the first Dundee Jam.

The original and delightfully simple arcade Pong instructions.

Chasing a moving brick in Target Mode B.

Target is pretty much reducing Breakout back to the core rules and toy set: one bat, one ball, one brick. Again the predictable ball rebounds can help you direct shots. You need to be careful with the low targets and approach them from a more shallow angle.

I tried a few different sizes of brick but eventually favoured this big one because it felt like I stood more chance of hitting it.

Weaving between moving hazards to cross the screen in Slalom Mode B.

In Slalom you have direct control over the ball, only this time with a different interface: the ball automatically falls diagonally down and pressing the Serve button pushes it up. It’s Bips! really, which had its origins in Fast Worm Slow, which itself was inspired by an old Spectrum game written in a single line of BASIC.

Using a large bat to keep three large balls in the air in Juggler Mode A.

Juggler is meant to be the juggling game that came out before Juggle! - but not necessarily its prequel. There’s no gravity affecting the balls - they move just like they do in Pong; the trick is in making the most of the predictable angles at which the balls rebound off the bat to keep a comfortable loop on the go.

Returning extreme ball service in Server.

Server is basically Keeper with the intensity of Dodger. It’s tough but not impossible to hit multiple balls with a single sweep, which is necessary to score high.

I’m still planning to add secret features as rewards for completing challenges (effectively Achievements). For example, Rally Mode B was originally a simple variation in which the top bat moves in a reverse direction, with the idea that you complete a challenge (say, score 20 points) to unlock Mode C or colour overlays or the inverse mode.

The current Rally Mode B has you aiming to keep the ball bouncing in order to wipe out blocks instead. The border is added here to emphasise the slight curvature and glow of the CRT TV effect.

The inverted mode (with rogue net in the centre).

Consoling Thoughts
For the console design, the norm for the time seems to be quite plain and black, sometimes with faux wood panelling. I felt more inspired by the cooler, cleaner, smoother, more retro-futuristic look of Nintendo’s Block Kuzushi, the Epoch TV Block, the Ping-O-Tronic and the Société Occitane d’Electronique OC 5000 and Occitel models.

The Gazmo IV 2.0 console as seen from all angles.

For the name I toyed with TV GameBrick, TV GameBlock, TV GameBox and TV HotBox, all in the spirit of those TV-centric classics. But in the end I settled for the ‘gizmo’ pun and ‘Classique’ because it sounds fancy and I like the ‘Q’ in it.

I’m wondering if it’s worth making these consoles for real, perhaps through crowd-funding support, but I suspect they wouldn’t be cost effective to make - certainly if I went as far as authentic packaging :D

Which reminds me: I still need to create suitable Gazmo manual and box cover illustrations (something like this) and a flyer (like some of these doozies).■



Man, the crap I hold on to… and share. Like stinky farts.

Many years ago before I had spam filters, I had to manually remove unwarranted shit from my inbox, One day I decided to recycle it and started stringing together the subject of each spam mail with the idea of making some stupid poetry out of it. This appears to be as far as I got, some lines better juxtaposed than others…

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Donkey Kong: the alternative ending.

Donkey Kong: the alternative ending.